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  All is for ------ Worthy

       “Manufacture the motorcycle people can afford to buy and worth to buy”. This ambition combined with foresight to make unique Fekon brand. Since 2005, Fekon brand establish inception. In the just eight years, Fekon win the market and get the suppliers, distributors, society community and Fekon crew’s praise and trust by focus and professional attitude and spirit.
        The founder of Guangzhou Fekon Motorcycle Co.,Ltd is two brothers Mr. Zheng Bin and Mr. Zheng Hong. They were laid-off workers from Jiangxi Nanchang Hongdu Machinery Co.,Ltd. Then they were deciding to work resolutely in Guangdong. Because their own accumulation for motorcycle technology and motorcycle industry knowledge and an occasional opportunity. Mr. Zheng Bin and Mr. Zheng Hong took over Zengcheng Haorizi Motorcycle Co.,Ltd. At that time, Haorizi business situation is very bad. Mr. Zheng Bin and Mr. Zheng Hong lead their own team to improve factory situation neither eat nor sleep. Zengcheng Haorizi turn into better situation. Factory business become booming develop and growing strong.
         Zengcheng Haorizi Motorcycle Co.,Ltd officially renamed to Guangzhou Fekon Motorcycle Co.,Ltd. Mr. Zheng Bin served as Chairman. Mr. Zheng Hong served as General Manager. In 2005, most of people are not familiar Fekon brand. It is very difficult to promote and get the approval in Zengcheng market. Mr. Zheng Bin and Mr. Zheng Hong personally develop and research the market to sell their motorcycle. Finally, Mr. Zheng Bin and Mr. Zheng Hong impressed by their sincerity attitude some of the channel businessman to push them willing to cooperate with Fekon. From beginning of two or three pieces motorcycle to hundreds of motorcycle, Fekon gradually win the market and client’s approval by good quality with super economical price. And slowly win the market stable.
        Following the fast and solid step, with enterprise culture of “friend forever together”, insist “beyond---your expectation value”, with the target of “manufacture the super economical price with good quality motorcycle in China”. Fekon motorcycle creates the enterprise early brilliant development. From the initial 6,000 square meter workshop in Xintang town to over 20,000 square meter workshop. Then invest more US dollar 33 million to build 128,000 square meter Fekon industrial park. Now, Fekon industrial park have already improved and perfect. This industrial park has comprehensive office building, motorcycle production line, engine production line, testing center, research and develop center, export base and other modern facilities. It can achieve an annual output for motorcycle 350,000 pieces and engine 500,000 pieces. Also achieve industrial output US dollar three hundred million.
       “Take the quality as the core, take the market as the guide, take the technology as the support, take the management as the fundamental, take the sincere as the rule”, Fekon team insist on the quality policy all the time to get the quality target of “never deliver the failure motorcycle, only deliver the zero defect motorcycle”. We consider what client consider, inspect the motorcycle with client’s quality policy to make Fekon motorcycle quality at the forefront of motorcycle business industry.
        Fekon was established under the circumstance of the whole motorcycle business industry have already saturated. In this situation, Fekon still invest heavily in building modern industrial park. Under the circumstance of motorcycle business industry performance decline, Fekon still took over other motorcycle enterprise vigorous and make the sales performance increase stable. Fekon become a black horse and create another myth in the motorcycle industry. So far, Fekon motorcycle annual production quantity and sales volume rank top ninth in China and rank top third in the Guangdong and Guangxi market. Since the Fekon export base establish, we have good performance at overseas market promotion. Overseas business has already been increased 50% in three consecutive years. Until October 2013, the overseas business has been increased 90% compare with 2012. Besides, Guangzhou Fekon Motorcycle Co.,Ltd has been named by the Zengcheng City big taxpayer and identified as one of the listed enterprise to be supported.
        Fekon always focus on the motorcycle industry with candid mind, friendly attitude, hundredfold confidence and ten years as one day. On the road ahead, Fekon is always at your disposal. Even there is bumpiness road, there are difficulties and obstacles. She always smile with you, cry with you, crazy with you, carry with you. Fekon is the good brother and good partner who can be trusted and forever together.
        Nowadays, many Joint ventures are with good development. National enterprise develops as the sunset. Fekon bravely assumed social responsibility, Break the industry inherent values, in response to clients’ value demand, beyond businessman expected value, writing the chapter of cost-effective brand positioning, running on the way of “Chinese leader in high-value motorcycles”.

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